Tokyo Photoshoot Specialist

Reasons for choosing to document your love story with us

Tokyo Photoshoot Specialist

Why let others tell you what you need when you know exactly what you don’t need?

We customise packages according to your needs so you won’t have to pay for what you don’t need.

It is YOUR special day after all and you deserve to be pampered with choices…

Basic package includes:

–> Wedding gown

–> 50-70 photos per location

–> Native photographer

–> Hair and makeup by Japanese hair stylist

–> Translator conversant in English/Mandarin

–> Transportation from studio to shooting locations and back

Who else would know a country more than a local?

Having a native photographer makes all the difference when he knows the city inside-out. Rather than get chased away for taking photos, stuck in traffic jams and encountering bad weather, travelling with a local ensures your shoot goes without a hitch.

Know for certain what you are paying for.

We can ensure the quality of our photos because we only showcase photos taken by our only native photographer. It won’t be ‘a matter of your luck’ because we strongly believe in accountability and transparency. What you see IS what you will get.

Save yourself the hassle

Enjoy every minute of being in the spotlight by leaving the coordination to us. We will pull together a team who will look after your needs during the shoot so that you can be assured that it will go without hiccups. Check out the article on Everything You Need to Know About Destination Pre-Wedding Photoshoots – Part 1’ to learn more about taking pre-wedding photoshoots abroad. Therefore, by engaging a native photographer through a local planner ensures that you get the best of both worlds as the accountability is on us.

Know what you are paying for

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