Odaiba: Four Reasons for A Well-Spent Day

Tokyo Odaiba

When I first got acquainted with Tokyo, my first choice of accommodation had been in Odaiba because it is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. It somehow offers a relaxed and laid-back feel as opposed to staying at the city area. Below are the top four reasons why you will need to spend a day (or more) in Odaiba.

Save on transportation fees

The main attractions are close enough to be explored completely on foot. From the Fuji TV to Palette Town; National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) to the exhibition center Tokyo Big Sight, almost everywhere is minutes walk away. Travelling on the island’s Yurikamome Line ain’t cheap as the lowest fare costs 185 yen (IC cards) and 190 yen (cash). Hence, walking is the best way to discover what this small island has, whilst enjoying the relaxed atmosphere that is a stark contrast to mainland Tokyo. For those who are reluctant to walk, there is the FREE shuttle bus option that has ten drop-off points at every 20 minutes interval from 1130-1930 every day.

1. Miraikan
2. Fuji TV Studio
3. Venus Fort
4. Tokyo Teleport Station
5. Diver City
6. Hilton Odaiba Hotel
7. Aqua City
8. Fuji TV
9. Grand Nikko Hotel
10. Museum of Maritime Science

Gundam Odaiba Tokyo

Plenty of activities for everyone in the family, from young to old

Odaiba has all sorts of activities catered to all interests and age groups. From family friendly facilities and attractions to romantic sites for couples. Take insta-worthy pictures with Odaiba’s very own Statue of Liberty. Or have a leisurely relaxing picnic at the Odaiba marine park. And how about a sun-tan at the Odaiba beach with the rainbow bridge right before your very eyes? When you need to relieve all that stress from days of shopping and walking, head down to one of the largest Onsen theme parks in Japan, Oedo Onsen Monogatari. When you are ready to roll again, walk over to Decks itself has plenty of diverse attractions for everyone. For example, Madame Tussaud, Legoland Discovery Center and the Trick Art Museum. There is also plenty of options for those interested in adventure and gaming. Outside of the mall DiverCity, you will find a statue of Gundam. Standing at 20 metres tall, and completed in September 2017, it is not only a reminder of the Bandai shop and Gundam cafe nearby, but also a bid to attract tourist to Odaiba during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic.

A Place where different types of exhibition gathers

Anime is thus still very much alive and popular in Japan. As such, Comiket, the world biggest anime fair is held here twice, annually at the Tokyo Big Sight. Besides anime, Mega Web Toyota City Showcase is the amusement park for daddies and showcases their range of concept cars on top of existing and old models. While learning about the history of cars, both adults and children alike can go on test-drives as well. For those hard core Japanese drama fans, a visit to Fuji TV is a must. Although there isn’t any viewing of live shows, a visit to the observation deck, souvenir shops and exhibition spaces (that’s free), is more than enough for the die-hard fans of Japanese drama.

Venus Fort factory outlet Tokyo

Wide Variety of Shopping Options

If the four main shopping malls in Odaiba ain’t enough to satisfy your shopping appetite, you will definitely find the Venus Fort factory outlet a great way to kill time. Here you can find famous brands such as Franc Franc, Beams, Frapbois, G-Star Raw and Levis. Add that to the fact that Venus Fort has a insta-worthy fountain that brings the romance of Venice to you. And oh, with an artificial sky that changes every hour, you’ll want to at least stick around for more than an hour.

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