Tokyo Glorious Food not to be missed

Sushi is not the only thing one should have in Japan. Food there seem to taste as good as their impeccable presentation. Perhaps its because of the meticulous attention paid to details, a meal at any random eatery by the street never seem to go terribly wrong. Below are the top food, regardless of whether the establishment is famous or not, you should eat when you are in Tokyo.

tokyo Fluffy souffle pancakes

Fluffy pancakes from heaven above

First up is of course my favourite, fluffy pancakes! With no warning, it started to invade Japan and had since successfully conquered all the stomachs of everyone who had ever tasted it. And no, I’m not referring to regular fluffy pancakes, but the souffle type pancake that had meringue added in. The way it disappears in your mouth is probably how cloud too will do the same, that is, if we were able to eat clouds. There is no short of cafes who have since duplicated the recipe, as Hawaiian themed cafes are everywhere. However, you will never go wrong with major chains like The Original Pancake House and Cafe Gram. One taste and I bet you will wish you can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tokyo Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet)

Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet)

Can be eaten in many ways and available in upscale restaurants, eatery, bakery and even convenience store.

—> Katsu-don – with egg and rice

—> Menchi katsu メンチカツ – minced pork patty

—> Rosu katsu ロースかつ – pork loin

—> Hire katsu ヒレかつ – pork fillet

―> Katsu-sand – sandwich

Of which, kurobuta 黒豚 being the premium pork in upscale restaurants such as Maisen, who have chains everywhere.

Tokyo Ginza Kimuraya

Flour, flour and more flour

When you are in Japan, a definite staple is bread, and there’s no shortage of bakeries everywhere. Aside from the myriad of boulangerie, donuts are just as enticing. In some weird mix of chemistry, donuts in Japan (and also in Taiwan) just taste totally different from that of any countries’. Its soft chewy texture is not only moist but also makes the bread or donuts super tasty! My recommendation for breads is Ginza Kimuraya. Established since 1869, it not only sells traditional Japanese bread, such as anpan (red bean bread), but also french ones as well.

Tokyo Daikokuya

Who could fry food better than Japanese?

When it comes to deep fried food, I think no one does it better than Japanese. Again, somehow, they just have a way of making it less sinful to eat deep fried food. Not only does it not taste oily, but the thin batter coupled with the crispy and crunchy panko coated meat makes for a heavenly combi. If croquette is not your thing, perhaps you might like tempura or even the dozen other food that can get batter to stick to, for example sweet potato, zucchini and pumpkin. My favourite has got to be the chain Tendon Tenya and big sized tempura from Daikokuya at Asakusa.

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