Hunting season for Sakura in Japan — It’s that time of the year again!

Although there are many other parts of the world to see cherry blossoms blossoming during Spring, from New York to South Korea and even Paris, I personally feel it most apt to experience it in Japan. Not only because it can be seen all over Japan, but that the flowers against the backdrop of ancient Japan architecture seems like a sight that’s commonly seen in travel books or National Geographic only.   

sakura season japan

Marking the arrival of Spring, these adorable flowers epitomise the renewal of seasons. No other season are probably as much celebrated as the Spring. With the symbolic blooming of cherry blossoms, places all around the world celebrate it with festivals, parades and picnics.

Perhaps there is something about the colour pink that humans find alluring and romantic. The colour can denote cuteness, softness and femininity without being overpowering. There’s even a whole lot of mugs, drinks, pastries and cakes themed around Sakura. No wonder it is the one of the most celebrated flowers in the world.   

sakura foodsakura snacks

This year, Gardens by the Bay even teamed up with JTB to bring Japan (and sakura) to sunny Singapore. This weekend (ending 8 Apr ’18), bring your family down to experience how Spring is celebrated in Japan. With food, performances and plenty of photo taking opportunities, they bring Sakura-hunting to us.

While the season is over in Tokyo and Kyoto, you would still have the chance to go hunting for them in Northern Japan, finally ending in the first week of May.

cherry blossom forecast

If you are going to miss it this year, will you be joining the hunt next year?

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