B-kyu gurume in Yokohama

What is B-kyu Gurume?

Does everybody knows B-kyu gurume? 
That is low price but also tasty and casual foods in Japan.

B-kyu means B-grade, B-class or not the best that also meaning of low budget foods.
I think many people think Japanese foods are usually traditional and most them are expensive,
but some famous Japanese foods were B-kyu gurus like Ramen, Japanese curry, Takoyaki, and Okonomiyaki.
In this article, we will introduce B-kyu gurume in Yokohama area since we are introducing shooting in Yokohama area.


Sanmamen b-kyu gurume

In Japan, there many kinds of ramen and each area has own original ramen. Of-course Yokohama has one which is Sanmamen. Sanmamen is a kind of ramen with thin noodles, seasoned with salt or soy sauce, that’s popular in the Yokohama and Shonan area. A starchy, thick sauce with fried bean sprouts and other vegetables is poured on the top.Here is one the famous Sanmamen place.
This shop has traditional Sanmamen, local people loves it and its only 650yen.


Garlic Pizza

Garlic Pizza
 b-kyu gurume

If you really need to get energy, this will one of the best choise for your lunch or dinner.
This garlic pizza provide by Garlic Jo’s which is famous Garlic theme restaurant. 
There is so much garlic on the pizza.
You can feel so much garlic from this and feel powerful after eat. 
They have not only pizza also garlic steaks, garlic fried rice, and a lots of kinds of garlic cuisines.


Kiyoken Shumai

Kiyoken Shumai b-kyu gurume

Have you ever heard Shumai? that is a type of traditional Chinese dumpling.
Kiyoken’s Shumai is the most famous in Japan, they are selling Bento(lunch box) all over the Japan and Yokohama is Kiyoken’s origin place.
They also have a Shumai factory tours that produces a popular Yokohama souvenir,
their shumai. Visitors can learn the production process of shumai from the mixing of fillings to the boxing of finished products.
Tasting of fresh made shaomai is offered at the end of the tour.


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