Osanbashi Pier in Yokohama

As I mentioned before article. Yokohama is one one the biggest seaside urban area and also mega city located in Kanagawa Prefecture, to the south of Tokyo.
Many tourist coming to this area for enjoying sightseeing, entertainment and shopping.

Minato Mirai 21 is like a core part for Yokohama tourist industry. Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse is also is in this area and next to Red Brick Warehouse is Osanbashi pier.Yokohama port

The original modern Osanbashi pier was built in 1894 but the pier was reconstructed six times and the latest one was built in 2002. The latest one is look like whale’s back so people feeling like to up to whales and see great view from there.
The Osanbashi pier is outdoor place so its open for public 24 hours as free admission and most of people going there for there relaxing time.

Osanbashi Pier Yokohama bridege Osanbashi Pier Yokohama Osanbashi Pier in Yokohama park Osanbashi Pier Yokohama greenery

This place is It is recommended to take shots of the view with the sea and skyscrapers. One of the best moment to take a photo is when the ships are in the port. We can see a hall Minato Mirai area from top of the pier.

Osanbashi Pier in Yokohama sunset
On the deck of the Whale’s Back, there are three towers that build in Yokohama. 
Those three Towers are named “King” (which is the Kanagawa Prefectural Office), “Queen” (which is the Yokohama Customs House) and “Jack” (which is the Memorial Hall of Opening Port).

Osanbashi Pier in Yokohama

For those reasons, here is famous for wedding shooting so sometimes we can see Japanese shooting couples on the deck.

Directions: Walk 5 minutes from the Nihon-Odori station on the Minato Mirai line or 15 minutes walk from the JR Kannai station.

Hours: 24 hours
Closed: No closing days