Tokyo Station

Tokyo is one of the biggest mega city in the world. Since a lot of people lives and works here, most of people using railway and subway as a their transportation, so people can move easily and there are a lots of stations in Tokyo. 
In those stations, Tokyo station is most famous for tourist people and its also photogenic place.

Tokyo Station symbol
Tokyo Station is a massive transportation hub with various kinds of train lines and you can catch the shinkansen in this place.
The original Tokyo station is located in Marunouchi business district near the Imperial Palace.
After Tokyo being big city the newer Eastern extension was bullied and it is not far from the Ginza commercial district. Due to Tokyo station covered large area, the station is divided into two sides which are Marunouchi and Yaesu in its directional signage.

Tokyo Station central tokyo Tokyo Station building Tokyo Station park Tokyo Station prewedding photo

In the station there are various eateries and it is connected to shopping malls. Since many facilities is in station people very easily to get lost so make sure to check map. 

Marunouchi Tokyo station Tokyo Station hotel
For photo shooting, most of people going to Marunouchi side since that side area is very stunning.
However, this building is not same as just Tokyo station that is Tokyo Station Hotel.
The Tokyo station hotel is a European style hotel that opened in 1915 and rebuild and renovated once in a while. 
For wedding couple, here is very popular place for night view but also daytime is popular too.

Tokyo Station wedding Tokyo Station

Hours: 04:00 to 25:30 (restaurant and shops are different)
Closed: No closing days