Designer Wedding Dresses fit for the catwalk

modern haute couture wedding dress

Formerly a famous fashion brand designer, the dress designer specialises in curating coloured gowns that marry constructive modern haute couture technology with sophisticated fabrics.

runway wedding dress catwalk wedding dress

The concept of MODERN and CONSTRUCTIVE has its roots from the fact that each dress is designed with the modern and attractive woman in mind, and which accentuates and builds around the contour of the body.

klosir wedding dress klosir wedding gown haute couture custom made wedding dress

Using high quality imported fabric from Europe, and carefully constructed by hand, one thread at a time, the end product speaks of nothing but a one-of-a-kind statement piece to have in your wardrobe.

colored catwalk wedding dress klosir coloured wedding gown

tailored runway wedding dress red custom wedding dress

We are proud to have the exclusive dealership with the boutique that has its base in Japan and are thrilled to be bringing elements of catwalk into local weddings in Singapore. Forget off-the-rack dresses that a hundred other brides had worn before you, these coloured bridal gowns will surely bring out the glow every bride has on her special day.

After all, you deserved to be pampered with the best.

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