和枫 -Honoka- package

『和』:is a honorific reference to things or people from Japan, and had its origins from 700 B.C when Japanese people are being referred to as 大和民族.

Common use of the word includes 和服 (Japanese clothes), 和果子 (Japanese sweets) and 和食 (Japanese food)

Date: Last week of March 2018

Season: Sakura

Location: Gion Shirakawa

Temperature: a cool 14 degrees celsius

Couple: Yuzhen and Vincent 

Gion Shirakawa kyoto wedding photo Gion Shirakawa kyoto kimono wedding

They say luck is all about being at the right place, at the right time.

It is all the more apt for Yuzhen and Vincent, who had picked the best time to be in Japan – during the coveted sakura season.

It was pretty dependent on luck because while the season more or less spans from last week of March to first week of April, there is no telling for sure when it will start blooming in the city and place that you want it to be. Furthermore, Yuzhen and Vincent only had 5 days in total to cover Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe.

They had chosen Gion Shirakawa for the shoot because they wanted to have the full Japanese experience of wearing the kimono against the heritage backdrop. Being a less touristy spot, and with its quaint charm, plenty of rivers, bridges and shophouses on streets cast on stones, it is one of the famous spot for wedding photoshoots. 

By lunchtime, they were done with the shoot and had the rest of the day to finish their tour of Kyoto and continue on to Kobe the next day.

This Honoka package is therefore most ideal for couples wanting the experience (and of course the photos), without it being too overwhelming. After all, donning on a kimono itself is already laborious, let alone walking around in it, that can weigh from 5-20kg, in clogs! Therefore, it is highly recommended that this package be considered for shoots that will take place under a cool weather. 

We had wanted to capture some of our travel experience in Kyoto as it was our first time there. We didn’t want to spend too much time for the shoot as we only had 5 full days. When we first consider the option, we were hesitant about the price, but were assured because they had promised at least 100 photos. And those were more than enough to fill our wedding album and montage. 

– Yuzhen and Vincent

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