恋歌 -Renka- package

『恋歌』: (Adapted from Wikipedia) A love song is a song about romantic love, falling in love, heartbreak after a breakup, and the feelings that these experiences bring.

Being in a relationship is akin to that of a love song being composed by two person who met, fall in love, went through heartaches, and eventually deciding on whether their song ends up being upbeat or melancholic.

Just as the love song speaks of a couple’s story, we attempt to capture their love story through their interactions in front of the camera. Hence, we name this package, 恋歌 -Renka-.

Wearing a wedding gown is a once in a lifetime event for most of us, and many women can’t get enough of having to choose ‘The One’ amongst so many in the market, let alone wearing it for the pre-wedding photoshoot. This package is therefore for brides-to-be wanting to have a sneak preview of how its like to wear a wedding gown.

Make no mistake that it isn’t any easier than being in a kimono, especially with the long train, puffy petticoat and in that oh-so-necessary high heels that brides usually wear to lessen the difference in the couple’s height. 

Moerenuma Park hokkaido wedding photo

As our couple Jingyi and Nathan finds out after the shoot, that it was a tiring process even with just 1 location. They had chosen Moerenuma Park in Hokkaido, but not before struggling to decide on the theme of their wedding photos. We therefore recommended Moerenuma because of the diverse themes available in that one location. From plenty of greenery to unique sculptures and architecture such as the Louvre from Paris lookalike, the Moerenuma Park can satisfy the couple’s taste for diversity, minus the hassle of travelling, and the time it would require. 

Moerenuma Park hokkaido prewedding photo

Because we had so many ideas and locations in mind, we had trouble deciding on where would be the best locations for us. Thanks to the staff’s patience in highlighting to us that it is unrealistic and impractical to have quantity over quality. And even helped us decide on the locations according to our likes and dislikes, since we were in serious dilemma. Turns out, having just one location was perfect for us as it wasn’t too tiring. We end up having quantity without compromising on quality. Hee!

by Jingyi and Nathan