Toyosaki Beach Okinawa: Photography venue

Pack your bags, slippers, sunblock lotion and swimwear and fly up to Okinawa, a mere 5 hours direct flight away on Jetstar, 3 times every week.

Situated in the South of Japan, Okinawa boasts a steady temperature of 15 to 30 degrees all year round. Being less humid than Singapore, a cheaper alternative than such major cities as Tokyo and relatively less crowded with tourists, it is an ideal island to escape to, for those with less than a week to spare.

With more than 10 beaches to offer, the sun and the sand seems to pale in comparison. Toyosaki beach is one of the most popular beach in Okinawa, not just because of its close proximity to the Naha airport, but also of its beautiful view of the sunset. So much so that, every year in mid July, Corona will have its Sunset Festival held on this beach where 15,000 people come to party to the live concert.

Therefore, this venue is ideal for couples wanting to exhibit the carefreeness in their photos.

Toyosaki Beach Okinawa wedding photo Toyosaki Beach Okinawa prewedding photo Toyosaki Beach Okinawa wedding

Both the azure blue sky and ocean brings out the white gown in the photos, coupled with sea breeze blowing the gown, it looks just like a scene taken out from a Hollywood film. 

Toyosaki Beach Okinawa photos corona Toyosaki Beach Okinawa sea photos

In addition, the close proximity of the location to most of the tourist attractions should make this location all the more attractive for couples who don’t have as much time to spare for both the photoshoot and sightseeing.


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