Hokkaido Snow: Photography venue

Esther and Guo Heng wanted a totally different feel from that of what can be offered in Singapore. Hence, they had chosen to bring their photoshoot to Hokkaido, where the vast snow terrain, snow covered pathways and buildings are a common sight.

Hokkaido Snow wedding photo Hokkaido Snow wedding dress

Hokkaido Snow forest wedding Hokkaido Snow trees

Having a photoshoot on snow covered grounds isn’t easy though. Not only more time has to be accorded to the shoot since walking would be tough, prior preparation of carrying hot packs and wearing sufficient thermal wear is required as the couple would have to be feeling comfortable having to stay in the cold and remain in the pose long enough.

Hokkaido Snow bridge Hokkaido Snow kimono wedding

Hokkaido Snow kimono wedding photo sapporo Snow wedding photo Hokkaido Snow wedding photo

Heavy snow had fallen the day before the shoot, and thus had stopped on the day itself. However, it remained very chilling and it was hard for them to keep the smile up without looking stiff and unnatural. Hence, we tried keeping them warm by giving them long breaks in between shots to hand them their jackets.

They took the cold weather in their stride and did their best in adhering to every of the photographer’s request. The end result: they were rewarded with the splendid sunset at the end. 

Even though there were many places we would like to take our photos at, the staff highlighted that some of the places might be too crowded to be able to get decent photos. And some places might limit us to only certain sceneries. Thanks to their advice, we were able to choose the locations that’s best for us.

– Esther and Guo Heng

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