Kyoto Botanical Garden: Photography venue

Couple featured: Sandy and Bo Hao

Operating hours: 9am – 5pm

Admission fees: ¥200

Directions: Walk 2 mins from exit 3 from the Kitayama station

The couple had wanted a more natural feel to their photos, and thus had chosen Kyoto Botanical Garden for their shoot. One good thing about this place is that it is less packed with tourist than other attractions in Kyoto. And this is one welcoming fact for them when taking the pictures with the sakura. 

Kyoto Botanical Garden sakura Kyoto Botanical Garden wedding photo Kyoto Botanical Garden wedding photo sakura 

As evident from the feel of their pictures, interactions between them and the environment was captured raw and unposed. 

Kyoto Botanical Garden forest Kyoto Botanical Garden wedding dress Kyoto Botanical Garden greenery

Having a shoot in the woods makes the picture look cinematic. After all, all you need is just a male and female lead actor, and a picturesque background in a movie starring yourselves. Besides, don’t you agree that there is a natural tranquility to it?

Kyoto Botanical Garden park Kyoto Botanical Garden prewedding photo Kyoto Botanical Garden water stream

This location will be ideal for couples who, like Sandy and Bo Hao, want a natural touch to their photos and yet not too limited to the extent that it only offers greenery and flowers. Having one of the largest conservatory in Japan, surely there will be a few too many spots to your liking.

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