Hokkaido Sakura: photography venue

Couple featured: Huifen and Daryl

The couple had wanted a more diverse range of photos not limited to just pictures of sakura. Having associated Hokkaido with snow, they had never explored the option of having their pre-wedding photoshoot during Spring in Hokkaido. Just like the rest of Japan, Hokkaido sees the blooming of the flower during Springtime, albeit it comes much later, towards the end of April. 

Hokkaido Sakura wedding photo Hokkaido Sakura kimono wedding

As the second largest island of Japan, Hokkaido offers more than just snow during winter, but also the lure of blooming flowers and trekking during spring and summer (lavender). Aside from the one day dedicated to the photoshoot, couples should plan carefully their itinerary to save on travelling time since Hokkaido is a big island divided into 5 major areas, Northern, Eastern, Sapporo, Central and Southern area, each with very different offerings.  

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Whichever season you choose to visit Hokkaido in, you will bound to find a host of activities of your interest, leaving it a memorable trip for both your vacation and the pre-wedding shoot.

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