Autumn’s Maple Tree Season in Japan

Couple featured: Canteline and Zach

Symbolising peace, grace and serenity, the arrival of maple trees mark the coming of the much-awaited year end. While the sakura season is just as popular,  the maple tree season adds a dreamy feel to the photos as opposed to the former’s romantic feel. For many, it is also reminiscent of a story-like picture taken out of a Korean drama.

Maple Tree Season in Japan wedding photo

Maple Tree Season in Japan

Maple Tree Season in Japan wedding dress

Spanning over two weeks, it can be said that it is much easier to time your arrival in accordance to its season between November and December. Coupled with the fact that it can seen in many gardens and parks all over Japan, and that it lights up at night with different shades of red, mixed with yellow and orange leaves, it is a must-see that will surely leave you in awe.

And this year, we’ll be sparing no expense in creating the Winter Wonderland for couples joining us in Tokyo from 26 November to 2nd December 2018. 

Will you be there this season as the first maple leave fall?

Maple Tree Season in Japan black and white

Maple Tree Season in Japan sunlight silhouette picture

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