Kyoto Botanical Garden Part II: photography venue

Couple featured: Christina and Herman

Operating hours: 9am – 5pm

Admission fees: ¥200

Directions: Walk 2 mins from exit 3 from the Kitayama station

This is yet another couple looking to incorporate the greenery at the Kyoto Botanical Garden in their photos.

Kyoto Botanical Garden wedding photo Kyoto Botanical Garden forest

Kyoto Botanical Garden sunlight Kyoto Botanical Garden vintage

It was towards the end of the maple tree season mid December last year and there were still some leaves remaining on the trees.

Kyoto Botanical Garden maple leaves Kyoto Botanical Garden wedding dress

Having a shoot at a less crowded location definitely helps in putting the couple who was initially tensed, at ease, and to relax and act natural. 

Kyoto Botanical Garden maple tree Kyoto Botanical Garden wedding photo

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