Kanazawa Tea House street: photography venue

Directions: Take the right loop of the Kanazawa Loop Bus from Kanazawa Station. Get off at Hashibacho (Koban-mae) bus stop (number RL5), from where the district can be reached in a five minute walk.

In the previous post, we had introduced Kanazawa as the up-and-coming city that is gaining popularity with the availability of transportation from nearby popular cities, Tokyo and Osaka. In this post, we feature the couple, Debbie and Ryan, who had chosen to go to Kanazawa for their pre-wedding photoshoot early this year.

They had timed their arrival with the sakura season, and it was in full bloom at the park near the Higashi Chaya district, Kanazawa’s tea house street. With shades of pink in perfect contrast with the light blue sky, it was hard not to be mesmerised by the beauty of the famed flower.

Kanazawa Tea House street wedding photo Kanazawa Tea House street sakura

Kanazawa Tea House street park Kanazawa Tea House street kimono

Against the backdrop of the tea houses lining the street, the couple looked especially in character with their kimono. Coupled with the fact that it was a relatively less visited city than its traditional counterpart, Kyoto, there were not many tourists photobombing their pictures. 

Kanazawa Tea House street building Kanazawa Tea House street photo

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