Kyoto Gion Shirakawa Street – Photography venue

Couple featured: Kristine and Zachary

Directions: Nearest train station being Gion-Shijo

Kyoto is definitely a popular place of choice for couples who had chosen the 和枫 -Honoka- kimono package due to the old streets of yesteryears and the vintaged architecture. Rubbing shoulders with women donning on the kimono also helped make one feel less out of place. 

Kyoto Gion Shirakawa Street

Here, you will not only find the remnants of the teahouses (Ochaya) being transformed into upscaled restaurants, but also the nearby Yasaka Shrine, where the annual Gion Matsuri is held in July, and the Kenninji Temple, the oldest in the city. At the Gion corner, you will find a theater showcasing some of the traditional Japanese arts and dance.

Kyoto wedding photos Kyoto kimono wedding

To reduce the chances of having passer-bys spoiling their photos, the couple had woke up early in the morning at 4am to get their hair and makeup, and by 6.30am were already on location, and shooting away. It helps that at this time of the year, days are earlier, though shorter. Thus, when choosing the time for your visit or photoshoot, this might be one of the consideration you would want to take note of, in addition to the choice of locations. During the sakura season, sunrise can even be as early as 5am. 

Kyoto Gion Shirakawa photo Kyoto Gion Shirakawa kimono

Kyoto Gion Shirakawa pre wedding photo

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