Osaka Konoike Shinden Kaisho

Besides using the usual shrines and yesteryear’s walking street for a perfect backdrop to your kimono clad identity, taking you back in time to feudal Japan, how about having your photos taken at a site built during the Edo period, dating a few hundreds of years back?

Osaka Konoike Shinden Kaisho

The 鴻池新田会所 (Konoike Shinden Kaisho) was built in 1850, and in 1976 was assigned a place of national historic heritage. Smacked in the middle of a residential area, it gives you a glimpse into the infrastructure of the past, adding that extra nostalgia feel to your photos. Periodically, there will be events held over here, so be sure to check the calendar when planning your visit.

Directions: 5-minutes walk southeastwards from the Konoike-shinden station of JR Katamachi line

Operating hours: 10am – 4pm

Admission fees: ¥300


Osaka Konoike Shinden kimono  Konoike Shinden wedding photo

The above indoor shots with minimal lighting was a bit of a challenge as our photographer did not wish to use artificial lighting as it would cause the photos to look harsh. Instead he had used a combination of both natural and artificial lighting to achieve the look and feel above.  

Osaka Konoike kimono wedding konoike Shinden pre wedding

For the kimono package, we have both the 和枫 -Honoka- package at SGD 3,688, the 結爱 -Yua- package, inclusive of a wedding dress, at SGD5,333 and the premium 星雅 -Seiga- package at SGD6,888, with photoshoots in both Japan and Singapore.

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