Hokkaido Otaru City

Couple featured: Evangeline and Thomas

Otaru is a harbor city about half an hour train ride away from Sapporo. Many tourists plan a stopover here before heading to or fro Niseko, the most famous ski resort in Japan, coveted for its quality powdery snow that makes skiing feels like floating.

Every year in February, the Otaru Snow Light Path will see the area along the canal lighted up with illuminated displays for a week.

Hokkaido Otaru City Hokkaido Otaru City weddingHokkaido Otaru City wedding photos

Snowfall in Hokkaido starts from November till February. The couple had chosen to go December of last year because it was when the snowfall was not as heavy but yet substantial enough for the grounds to be covered in snow.

Hokkaido dragon jinja wedding Hokkaido dragon jinja wedding photo

In the day, snow was falling, and they were able to capture the fresh snow. Rather than making the photos look like it was a gloomy winter, it looks almost magical and surreal. As they had taken the kimono and dress 結爱 ~Yua~ package, they had chosen the 龍宮神社 Dragon Jinja for the second location, for a different feel.

Hokkaido dragon jinja prewedding Hokkaido dragon jinja kimono wedding

Hokkaido dragon jinja kimono Hokkaido dragon jinja  Hokkaido dragon jinja wedding

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