Osaka and Kobe City photoshoots

Most couples might not choose to have their pre-wedding photos taken in the bustling shopping districts both because of the constant flow of passerby and the parallel comparison to our Orchard Road that is merely made up of different shopping malls. However, Japan’s shopping districts are nothing like ours as their colourful billboards fight to stand out to attract shoppers’ attention.

Osaka and Kobe City wedding photo Osaka and Kobe City prewedding photo

The photos rightfully captured the vibrancy of Osaka city, Dotonbori. Combine that with the couple’s wish to add a touch of fashionable element with their poses and a dress that stood out, you get a series of photos that deviate from the normal pre-wedding photos.

Osaka Dotonbori wedding photos Osaka Dotonbori prewedding photos Osaka Dotonbori photoshoot

And for the couple below, they too had preferred to take it to the streets for their photoshoot because they had wanted their photos to be different from that of others. The heavily Western influenced buildings were a perfect fit with the bride’s princess dress that spoke of cute elegance. Now whoever can say that romance in the city can only be found in Paris?

Kobe city wedding photos Kobe city prewedding photos Kobe city wedding dress photos Kobe shopping wedding photos

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