Hokkaido Historical Village

Couple featured: Yanli and Thomas

The Historical Village of Hokkaido was opened in April 1983 to conserve and exhibit the buildings that provide glimpses of the early days in Hokkaido. It comprises of 4 distinct areas under the themes of Town, Fishing Village, Farm Village and Mountain Village. All year round, there are events held here over different season. 

Directions: Take the JR Tozai line to Shin Sapporo station. From there, take bus 22 bound for Kaitakunomura and alight at the last stop.

Operating hours: 9am – 4.30pm

Admission fees: ¥800


Hokkaido Historical Village

The couple chose this location because they were high school sweethearts and this school lookalike building serves to remind them of the sweet and innocent beginning of their romance.

Hokkaido Historical Village wedding Hokkaido Historical Village wedding photo  Hokkaido Historical Village prewedding photos

The vintage feel was further enhanced with the photographer adjusting the colour of the photos.

Hokkaido Historical shed photo Hokkaido Village wedding photo Hokkaido Village japan photo

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