By Yuzhen and Vincent
We had wanted to capture some of our travel experience in kyoto as it was our first time there, and wearing the kimono was an experience we didn’t want to pass on. We also didn’t want to spend too much time for the shoot as we only had 5 days there. Therefore, we went for the 1 location package but were hesitant about the price. However, we were assured when they promised at least 100 photos. Turns out that those were more than enough to fill our wedding album and montage.

By Jingyi and Nathan
Because we had so many ideas and locations in mind, we had trouble deciding on where would be the best locations for us. Thanks to the staff’s patience in highlighting to us that it is unrealistic and impractical to have quantity over quality. And even helped us decide on the locations according to our likes and dislikes, since we were in serious dilemma. Turns out, having one location was perfect for us as it wasn’t too tiring. We end up having quantity without compromising on quality. Hee!

By Kelly and Gabriel
I was very glad to have chosen them for our photoshoot. We didn’t want to feel stressful running around, hence we had taken up the Yua plan. Because we had the whole day, we didn’t had to rush around and could have both traditional and western feel for our photos. As with all Japanese who takes pride in their work, our schedule was arranged very smoothly. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

By Jocelyn and Kenneth
We had been to Japan many times but had never worn a kimono before, so we thought it might be a good experience to wear it to take our wedding photos in Hokkaido. It was definitely not easy getting into one and walking around in it during springtime. But I was glad I got some insta-worthy photos without having to sweat too much. Since we get to have a Singapore photoshoot at 3 locations by paying $1500 more, we thought might as well! After the whole experience, we both felt so pampered and addicted for being treated like royalty!

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